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CSU Alumni, Fans, Dawn's Collectors, friends and relatives:

Below are 3 videos by 3 different sources concerning the installation of the 21ft long x 7ft high Bronze Monument of 2 Bighorn Rams locked in battle called ROCKY MOUNTAIN RUMBLE last Friday, June 16, 2017 in front of the main entry to the New football/multiple use stadium at CSU in Ft Collins, CO (please keep in mind as you view the INSTALLATION that the lights and landscaping is not complete yet):

the 1st is from the CSU Alumni, the second on Channel 9 News TV, and the 3rd is from the Coloradoan Newspaper in Ft Collins, CO . In the Coloradoan on-line edition of the Newspaper today (June 21) this installation was mentioned 4 times about this bronze statue!! The KEY word by CSU appears to be the statue is being called 'ICONIC'...unbelievable! I knew this sculpture was good but I think I underestimated the response to it...this sculpture MAY supplant Dawn's already very well known "Too Big for Her Britches" horse piece which has been Dawn's signature sculpture for some 23 years!!

  • http://source.colostate.edu/iconic-sculpture-finds-home-csu-stadium/
  • http://www.9news.com/sports/the-story-behind-the-rocky-mountain-rumble-sculpture-at-csus-new-football-stadium/449972013
  • http://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/csu/football/2017/06/20/story-behind-rocky-mountain-rumble-sculpture/411094001/
  • Thanks so much for all your support over this 14 year journey on this huge project!


    Dawn Weimer Videos

    Monumental Bronze Buffalo - 9ftH x 16ft long

    Neighbor's dog investigating NEW bronze of a cougar/panther/mountain lion just installed in front of Dawn's house in Loveland, Co. This dog is not sure of what to expect from this VERY BIG cat and is sniffing (but with no odor...strange!). FUN !!!

    Sculptures by Dawn Weimer