My Philosphy by Dawn Weimer Bronze Sculptor

Brace yourself. This will not be a manifesto on how creative, innovative, philosophical and successful I am! In my mind, creativity does not begin with the artist. Nor is it some unidentifiable, coaxing, ethereal "muse". I know from whence creativity flows. The original stirrings of creativity began in the heart of God.

Just look around, God's creativity is woven into every tiny microbe to the largest behemoth of the oceans. Listening to enraptured vocalized "music" of whales gives me goose bumps! Surely you too have felt those goose bumps as hair rises upon your flesh. Have you ever seen the ant farms in glass? What a wonder they are with their architectural know how. As I watch, suddenly, I become smaller than they! Just try to trace the wondrous stripes of a tiger. Or, the rain forests so dense and deep. Woven into God's creation are a myriad of visions, sounds, motions and emotions, tastes, touches, aromas, tingles, tangles and sensations! Creativity is virtually in everything and everywhere. As artists, try as we may, we only re-create the wonders God has already created, whether it is His abstract shapes of rock, waves, clouds or representational figures and animals. Since the beginning of time, artists have continued to pursue their craft, and there is a good reason for that persistence. God put the desire in their heart and the ability in their hands, whether they give Him the credit or not.

The Lord is very generous with His gifts, even to animals. I am convinced they too have been given great creativity. Anyone who has animals can attest to their creativity. Having had horses for many years, I can't resist giving one illustration. We watched in amazement as one little gray quarter horse gelding used his upper lip to maneuver unlatching the gate. We would put on a different type of latch, but no matter what kind of latch we put on the gate, every time he would figure it out and swiftly unlatch it yet again. Now just where did he get that talent? Contrary to some popular opinions, God has given animals the ability to reason!

As I work in clay on a sculptural piece, with wonderful music on the CD player, my studio begins to turn into a sanctuary. The joy of creating overtakes every other emotion, time seems to stop, and the Lord's directive presence becomes most evident. I can only imagine the joy Jesus has in His creation that lives and breathes, sings and dances, paints and sculpts, writes music and poetry, raises children, loves the wife, loves the husband, pats the dog, hugs the cat, brings home the bacon, and stays the course. Creativity is not limited to the arts, it comes in street clothes. God is the direct author of all that has been achieved on this planet, in space, in the arts, in science and medicine, in technology; and continues to be creatively involved in every aspect of His creation. Thanks be to God for allowing us to "borrow" His talent; and to have so much fun doing so!

©2002 Dawn Weimer

Dawn Weimer "Touching the Spirit"

Contact Tom to inquire about or purchase any of her fine bronze sculpture creations. "Touching the Spirit" goes a long way in describing her fine work. Always in bronze, never inexpensive substitutes. We accept Checks, cash and wire transfer (call for instructions).

Dawn Weimer Studios offers only lost wax bronze sculpture cast with the utmost care and integrity at Art Castings of Colorado in Loveland, Colorado, ("Sculptureville,USA!"). As each different sculpture edition of Dawn's sells out, a letter is sent to every collector of that bronze piece stating that this particular edition/size is sold out... Enclosed with the letter is a small piece cut from my original mold which further verifies that this particular edition/size will not be produced again. Should you ever come across a sculpture you feel is suspicious of being a imitation of one of my pieces, please contact me so I can look into the matter of possible violation of copyright.

Virtually any bronze can (because of the NEW 3-D technology) NOW be made a larger Table-size or even larger lifesize and/or monumental... Look for announcements of NEW enlargements of several of Dawn's bronze sculptures soon! Inquiries for all these various sizes are welcome.