Introduction of Dawn Weimer


I feel like I must inform those of you who do not know it yet that my dear wife of 49 years, Dawn Weimer, who is/was the sculptor of all these magnificent bronzes you see on this website is in the last stages of Alzheimer's and will not be with us very much longer. Her sculpting (actual creation) career was over in the year 2006 after just finishing the 21ft long Monument called “Rocky Mountain Rumble” in clay over styrofoam...she also actually sculpted some 23 different table size replicas for this one university project! Oh, and she was in the beginning of Alzheimer's at that time!

Dawn was a very talented and dedicated Sculptor who so loved to sculpt that she would have worked all day and all night...however, I learned to control her time, eating, sleeping and liquid consumption or she would have worked herself to the bone! She created 150 different pieces in her short 15 year career and through 2012 has permanently placed 49 lifesize or larger bronzes in Public Places across the US (you may go to to view them). Quite an impressive resume, I must boast! Of course, I have been/am her BIGGEST supporter throughout her career and because of the new 3-D technology available Dawn Weimer Studios will live on even further into the future because her miniature works as well as small tablesize pieces can now be enlarged (pointed-up) through this technology...I have already begun to enlarge her miniatures and they look like she has 'touched' them! Another major reason I can do this is because Dawn had a God given ability to get the 'proportions' correct in her small pieces which automatically transfer into the larger pieces. Dawn never had to alter any part of her monumental sculptures after they were enlarged (pointed-up)...this is VERY unusual!

I am so excited to be able to offer large Table-size AND even Monumental bronzes which will have Dawn's signature on each one and will be very limited in each edition. Each bronze will also be the exact same quality as produced before her illness and in editions of no more than 25 each of Table-size and 15 each of the Monumental size.

I also want to announce that my Son, Heath Weimer and his wife Susan are now assisting me with Dawn Weimer Studios. Both of them are helping me to keep a careful watch over the pouring of all of Dawn's creations so that YOU, the collector, may rest assured that Dawn's work will remain the same high quality work that you already have displayed inside/outside your homes and businesses across the country! We will also continue to use the premier Bronze foundry in the US, (Art Castings of Colorado), in Loveland, CO.

I want to THANK all of you for your support through the past years and we will continue to update you about any NEWLY enlarged pieces available through Dawn Weimer Studios. And always REMEMBER that you and your family/friends are ALWAYS welcome to come by Dawn's studio/gallery in Loveland.

Tom, Heath and Susan Weimer