Artist Statement by Dawn Weimer Bronze Sculptor

Originally starting as a painter in 1980, I later fell in love with sculpting in 1991. Sculpting animals and figurative work now holds my fascination. The facetted, the dimensional...the touch. I have witnessed tears of joy from blind eyes as hands "see" my bronze horses; and watched as a two year old art show attendee repeatedly hugged and kissed my life-size fox. People often comment my work has an emotional warmth which beckons the soul and touches the spirit. It is that touch which brings us together in the mysterious spiritual blending of art and soul.

After many years being owned by several cats, the adored companion of many dogs and allowed the privilege to raise and train some very spirited Quarter Horses; I find animals most compelling. One can spend hours lost in their movements of grace and dignity; and enjoy personalities totally honest and unpretentious.

My greatest desire is to produce work so riveting it causes one to pause, to touch; to reflect upon the glorious creation with which we are privileged to live, and to likewise embrace the love of our Creator.

Dawn Weimer

Dawn Weimer "Touching the Spirit"

Contact Tom to inquire about or purchase any of her fine bronze sculpture creations. "Touching the Spirit" goes a long way in describing her fine work. Always in bronze, never inexpensive substitutes. We accept Checks, cash and wire transfer (call for instructions).

Dawn Weimer Studios offers only lost wax bronze sculpture cast with the utmost care and integrity at Art Castings of Colorado in Loveland, Colorado, ("Sculptureville,USA!"). As each different sculpture edition of Dawn's sells out, a letter is sent to every collector of that bronze piece stating that this particular edition/size is sold out... Enclosed with the letter is a small piece cut from my original mold which further verifies that this particular edition/size will not be produced again. Should you ever come across a sculpture you feel is suspicious of being a imitation of one of my pieces, please contact me so I can look into the matter of possible violation of copyright.

Virtually any bronze can (because of the NEW 3-D technology) NOW be made a larger Table-size or even larger lifesize and/or monumental... Look for announcements of NEW enlargements of several of Dawn's bronze sculptures soon! Inquiries for all these various sizes are welcome.