Dawn Weimer fine bronze sculpture

Bronze Sculpture Miniature to Monumental both Animal & Figurative by Dawn Weimer Bronze Sculptor

Colorado Ruler

dawn weimer Colorado Ruler bronze sculpture

Dawn Weimer

This 9ft high x 16ft long bronze Buffalo monument called "Colorado Ruler" is just one of many LARGE monumental bronzes that Dawn completed during her short sculpting career. Weighing in at 3000 lbs this Magnificent example of a 'ticked off' Buffalo (notice the tail up, tongue out of the mouth, and the fact that he is charging thru the sagebrush) shows the tremendous POWER and MOVEMENT of Dawn's creations. This 150% of Life size bronze demonstrates the beauty of the animal as well as the correct proportions worked into this sculpture! There are only 5 in the total edition of this piece and the 2 different sizes of the bronze tabelsize replicas are SOLD OUT and on the secondary market beginning at 150% of the original selling price. Contact Tom for further info (only 3 left in this edition)...if you would want a 20ft or larger edition of this piece, that is possible thru an enlargement process using 3-D technology!

Too Big For Her Britches

Too Big For Her Britches a bronze equine sculpture with little girl by Dawn Weimer

Dawn Weimer

THIS sculpture was the 3rd sculpture that Dawn created and has been Dawn's 'signature' piece thru out her very short creative career...it will probably continue to be a 'favorite' of most because so many can relate to it personally! The Small tablesize edition of 20 was the very first sculpture of Dawn's to sell out in only 1 &1/2 years from the release date way back in late l994 and immediately began bringing mulitiples of the original sale price. Very seldom does one appear on the Secondary Market so be prepared to pay the price if interested!! Because of 3-D technology now available I am now offering this SAME sculpture as a LARGE tablesize Centerpiece of 22 inches high by 26 inches long (the base will add a couple inches or so in each dimension) in an edition of only 25...if interested, order YOUR'S now before this NEW edition sells out! (One of the original 13 inch long x 12.75 inch high 'Britches' is in the American Quarter Horse Museum in Amarillo, TX and I have #1 so there are ONLY 18 of the smaller 12.75" H x 13" L edition in circulation in the world!)

Rocky Mountain Rumble

Rocky Mountain Rumble a bronze sculpture monument by Dawn Weimer

Dawn Weimer

This 21 ft long by 7 ft high Magnificent Bronze Monument of 2 Bighorn Rams locked in battle and weighing in at 2000 lbs was the very last piece that Dawn finished in clay some 7 years ago! I always have put my dear wife into each of the pictures with her sculptures but this one I had to step into the pic w/o her! Alzheimer's is about to take Dawn, but her work will live on as a legacy fit for a queen! To my surprise I have had quite a few people describe this particular sculpture as something akin to a masterpiece such as Michelangelo's 'David' ! I suppose I am "too close to the forest to see the trees" for I did not realize the impact that this last creation would have on so many people! It is designed to be placed on 2 different pedestals as an archway (how high, your choice!)...imagine THAT at some entry into a home/ranch/stadium !!!!